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April 25, 2013


... Imogen Poots is obviously one of those ladies, who gets all the hunky leading men.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Imogen Poots. So please back away a few feet.

Imogen Poots and Ita Buttrose should maybe do a chick remake of "The Dirty Dozen".

And that's her STAGE NAME!!!

Her real name is Intestinia Pootsalotski!

First of all, the Daily Mail considers "Penn Badgely" (whoever he might be) a "hot guy"?

Second, Imogen poots?

She does?

I'm betting that Ms Poots got a Weinergram.

I am so pathetically out of it. I've never heard of any of these aliens androgynous semi-humans idiots people.

Imogen Poots played Blanche Ingram in the 2011 film version of Jane Eyre.

Oh, hell, look what you've done now!




Looking at the pictures is there any clue Imogen Poots is a girl other than the dress? I may be getting old, but I'm pretty sure girls have curves by the time they're 23 years old.

Dear Daily Mail, this is smoldering. The guy shown with Imogene Poots couldn't light a fire if he had a can of gasoline and a flame thrower. btw, I've also never heard of these people.

I think this is her.

Thank you for the confirmation, cindy. That guy is not my idea of good looking but as a guy I wasn't 100% sure how women might feel.

As for Ms. Poots, I have seen her before. She was in last year's A LATE QUARTET as the daughter of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener.

Snork @ Punky. You been saving them up?

@cindy - looks like he is ready to put out the fire as well.

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