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April 24, 2013


72,000 Ladybugs Released Inside Mall of America On Earth Day In Place Of Pesticides

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and coscolo)


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What could possibly go wrong?

Sounds like the start of a sci-fi horror flick.

WOuld you like flies with that? Or ladybugs? Or ladyboy bugs?

The food court aims to pluleez!

Hmmm, what they implied but didn't spell out is that in a closed environment, what we call "beneficials", - lady bugs in this case, can be brought in and they certainly will consume all of the "bad" bugs, but after feasting on them and wiping them out, the lady bugs will starve to death. That explains why they will only last 2 weeks in the mall, but can multiply indefinitely in your garden, unless of course you start spraying insecticides in your garden. Sorry for the interruption, back to blog mayhem and boogers now.

Mayhem and boogers WBAGNFRB.

I sometimes wonder... are they called ladybugs because their slip is showing?

Not impressed. We have about that number in the window of the upstairs bath on the farm.
(They bite my wife but leave me alone. Ha!)

Yes. They DO bite. I worked in farm country where there were lots of the miserable things. You let one land on you, and they will bite hard.

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