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April 23, 2013


Kansas woman meets circus tiger in bathroom

(Thanks to DeskDiva, who says: "Had this been me, the restroom would no longer have been necessary. A shower, on the other hand.... They should have tried this with the woman who's gone without a BM for 45 days. Coulda saved a lotta money.") (Also thanks to Jeff Meyerson, RussellMc and DaninTustin)


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Nice kitty...

Good point, Diva.

She's from Kansas: it's only a tiger -- no lions and bears. No problem.

I think I would have told my three-year-old that the tiger doesn't have to wash its paws if it doesn't want to, mostly because I'm not the one to enforce the rules.

I would love to hear the page "Anyone looking for tiger on the loose please meet your party in the ladies' room."

Woman meets tiger ...

An engagement will be announced this weekend.

Tiger: So, you come here often? Is it hot in here or is it just you? Is that a pound of steak in your purse, or are you happy to see me? etc. etc.

Life of Pee?

True story: I walked into a pet shop to find a full-grown cougar (as in MOUNTAIN LION) lying on the floor, unrestrained.
As any other man would do, I went over and got down on the floor to play with it.
Beautiful cat, but still a cat.
BTW after a certain size, it plays with you.

I don't think the tiger would have bothered me. However, if I had walked in on a couple of clowns I would have lost it.

"Tiger in The John" The new pop hit by ISis Shriners?

Pair it with the "Eye of The Tiger" by Survivor and... you have...

a) a new sitcom
b) a new reality show
c) the secret life of a Khardashian (wtf?)
d) the Tax strategy of a major enforcement agency
e) all of the above?

a haiku:

like a summer squall
bowels by the tiger's sight

Or a mime, eh cindy? I hate mimes.


Whut? It's been a while.

Also, perhaps the headline should have read, "Tiger Meets Cougar in Bathroom."

Perhaps she was a tiger in the tank.

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