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April 20, 2013


The BBC's Chris Beardshaw told Radio 4 listeners that a constant diet of Black Sabbath worked wonders on a greenhouse full of plants.

(Thanks to Ralph, and Jeff Meyerson)


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The plants around here demand a renound drummer.

So, if I play "Mandy" to the plants we'll be living in a desert wasteland?

Meanwhile, the plants in the Ted Nugent house stumbled around for a while and then fell over.

Are the RBR's good for moss?

Living things always respond when you threaten them with Hell.

The thing about that music making them more "disease-resistant" brings the whole study into question.

[Somewhat OT] New York magazine cited Ted Nugent in an article seeking to define the word "troll". Manilow was not mentioned, nor was Kid Rock, for some reason.

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