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April 29, 2013


Worst reality show ever? Vanilla Ice goes Amish

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Gets his lumber at the Milli Vanilli Mill.

Is there anything we can do about rap? A vaccine or something?

Vanilla Yoder

WTFBBQ? I mean, is this happening or is it the hash?

I thought he was a Quaker!

Anyone (Except me!) ever see Ice's movie Cool as Ice?

It's even worse than Plan 9 from Outer Space!

(And yes, such things are indeed possible)

God no, PirateBoy.

I saw Plan TEN from Outer Space and it was even worse. Seriously, I did see it, it was late at night but it does exist.

wow. juusst when i thought reality hit a low with BooBoo, or whomever, and swamp people, and the ones with the hogs, now reality amish? i read that there is another amish show about people who want to JOIN the amish, and one where people want to leave the amish. ACCCK. it is a vast wasteland. bring back the days of rigged game shows and bad talent.....

He's about as Amish as he is ghetto. BTW, you can't spell CRAP without RAP.

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