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April 26, 2013


Woman arrested 396 times tells parole board she can change

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Into what?

"Compliant tone"

A useful musical reference for rating Rap Music.

Let her go.

As soon as she pays back all the money it cost to apprehend, process, hold, feed, cloth, treat and incarcerate her for the 396 times.

Miles explained the alderman incident by saying, “He lied on me and said I pushed him.”

Well all right then. So long as she had a reason.

"He lied on me"??? How old is she, 12?

Miles, 51, said she found God in prison and is now a role model for young inmates.
So God wasn't around the other 395 times she was in prison?

Honestly, I don't see why you are all so skeptical. She clearly turned over a new leaf. Prison changed her -eventually.

Sure He was NC, he was just playing hide-n-seek on her....

Or she was playing hard to get.

Some people just make bad decisions. She made 396 bad ones. Her luck is bound to change.

Seems like she's found a system that suits her needs. Why change now?
I mean, except for that whole jail thing?

Hope for a change.

Expect the worst.

Update, she's up to 425 arrests.

She could change. She could get worse.

The only solution is to put her talents to use in the Senate.

An aide to Dingy Harry Reid? Seems appropriate...


552! That puts her ahead of both Willie Mays AND Willie Sutton!

yeah sure. a dream is a wish your heart makes, dearie. the only thing you can change is, hopefully, your underwear.

She should come to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and slap some of our city officials; we would make her bail every time.

Seriously, though, she's a poster child for involuntary institutionalization. I can't believe I'm saying that, because it is so prone to abuse, but could it be more obvious that she is a danger to herself and other people?

Reminds me of a friend who absolutely could not keep his mouth shut around cops. I expect he'll be getting out soon.

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