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April 15, 2013


They have not totally figured it out.


(Thanks to Miachael Herold)


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Here in the US we talk of "passing a bowling ball" metaphorically...

More roughage.

Still, judi has volunteered to referee the next match. She thinks she's great at judging fair balls.

caption contest!

Shouldn't have had the barbeque at that church picnic.

Worst shot-put stance EVER!...

Incoming! Duck, Angus! Duck!

As an officer looked on, Angus tested the new Scottish Army butt cannon.

I think he's doing a great job. Judi, if you need any help refereeing that match let me know.

Padraig, I think the soldier in the back is there to protect the poor fellow from the blog ladies.

I've heard of "passing a stone" but passing a
bowling ball (or as the the Scots call them, a 20-stone buriball) must be painful.

There's just nothing that feels better than after you've "lightened your load".

and the winner is...!


After Harry swallowed the Snitch, it was no longer golden.

Timing your release and maintaining a short follow through are critical to longevity in this sport.

There's a whole new meaning to "blowing air up your skirt".

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