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April 30, 2013


MOTORWAY drivers were left astonished after spotting two dairy cows crammed onto the back seat of a small family car!



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Maybe the car runs on methane.

reminds me of this old chestnut:
a guy has two (cows, sheep, pigs) and his friend says, what you just keep em in the back yard? you dont have enuf room. just take em to the zoo!
(2 days later)
first guy says - thanks! i took em to the zoo! tomorrow, we're going to a movie!
(Reader's digest version)

Having once helped my Dad bring home a calf from an auction in the front seat of a '69 VW, I feel a small bit of understanding. Sometimes "you gotta do what you gotta do." Cleanup was epic

My life as a pre-teen and adolescent involved helping wrangle 'primitive' American antique furniture for my mother's shoppe. Believe me, it would be easier getting cows into a Dacia than hauling a Shaker corner cupboard out of a basement and stuffing it into the back of a pickup.

for a while in college i carpooled with two other music students. three of us, a cello, a tuba and a violin in a carmen ghia.

it occasionally smelled like livestock in there, but hey.

By Greg Heffer...?

He should have used an old stretch limo. That works fine, as long as you have the proper permits for transporting livestock across state lines. I helped load one with a cow, pigs, a goat, sheep, etc. several decades ago. Fortunately, I wasn't the driver who got stopped.

Dang city folk, y'all need to get out more. It was only TWO cows. Kids I grew up with could carry three Guernseys in a Ford Pinto.

Or seventy-eight bushels of pinto beans in a Chrysler Guernsey.

I would pay big monies to see the driver of this car go through a McDonald's drive thru and shout, "deliver for Ronald."

I can't even get my dogs in the car to go to the vet!

That's crazy. I never put more than one cow in a car at a time.

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