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April 12, 2013


Serial masturbator to represent himself in court

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Poor little Portnoy!

His mom is going to be so sad when he finally moves out of her basement!

' - always after me lucky charms'

I think we're beyond the "fool for a client" saying.

They should have seen that one coming. Thank you very much.

I wonder if the evidence will stand up in court.

You know those big loppers you use to cut tree limbs?

Just sayin'.

Wooz, I think that depends on his briefs.

Reminder: it's courtroom etiquette for both counsel and defendant to rise when the verdict is announced

Sister eating Hog: I think you meant "I'm jizz sayin'"

Is serial masturbation a crime?

So what if it involves cereal? Is that OK?

Could't the "victims" just tell him to "beat it!"

They did. That was their first mistake.

An attorney-at-leer. He's entitled to a jury of his blind, hairy-palmed peers.

This is one case where women should point and laugh, then call the cops.

i guess this case wont be settled with a handshake.


The long arm of the law caught up to him.

If cereal masturbation was a breakfast food, one of the more popular would be "Cheery Os"

No worries, Lad. Where you're going your special talent will have a more appreciative audience than you can possibly imagine.

Onan the barbarian.

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