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April 15, 2013


Guess which one of us blogpersons said, "I'm not blogging this."?

(Thanks to DaninTustin, who has so far not offered to model it for the blogladies)


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No. Just no. Not for any price on the planet.

Some products just don't deserve to be invented. This happens tho be one of those.

I'm assuming they come in left and right handed versions?

Not just no, but hell no. There are certain segments of our society that might wear these, but they are surely professionals and hence the warning "do not try this at home" should be heeded.

Come on blog guys! I want to see some pictures of you modeling this! Please?

And for the person who posted this, you can probably see these soon on Miami Beach, specifically at 12th Street Beach. NTTAWWT

I...don't see how that's gonna work.

For ultimate comfort they do need a strapless model.

And what holds it up? Super glue, velcro, or tiny magnets. Vote for your favorite.

Seems to me you're going to need divine intervention to keep that doodad in position.

I'm not really into buttfloss but I'm sure my wife would enjoy the laugh.
If my kids found this in the laundry, their inheritance would go for therapy.

budgie smugglers, budgie smugglers,budgie smugglers,

ha ha ha ha, budgie smugglers!

I never should have signed that release the photographer asked for...

Well, that guy certainly "dresses to the left" IYKWIM.

How, other than being uncomfortable, is that different from a jockstrap?

wiredog - you have to shave more.

tres stupide.

OK ladies, here's a picture for ya.

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