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April 23, 2013


...wearing processed breast milk around the neck or in a bracelet has ignited some passions.

(Thanks to wanderer2575)


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Babies everywhere are up in arms.

Babies. I loved (and love) my kids but the last day I changed a diaper was one of the high points of my life.
In the immortal words of that guy I forget from Playboy: Life begins when the kids move out and the dog dies.

What's next? Bronzing or otherwise "preserving" baby's first poo?

Again, makes a point that perhaps parents should be
licensed. Or at least pass a "common sense" test.

And hey, I'd probably fail....but then again, do we really want the best for the children or just give lip
service....(ponders away)

No. Just no.

Last straw. I'm going back to Earth.

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