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April 27, 2013


Three cops, a patrol car and RIOT van race to quiet street to arrest… a SWAN

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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I guess things are a bit slow for the constabulary in Lincolnshire this time of year.

They then proceeded to a disturbance involving a group of crusty jugglers.

You just never know with those those Swan Lake Gang thugs.

And the swan said, "Honker? I never even touched her!" [rim shot]

The only reason the swan went quietly is it saw what they did to the cow.

How could this not have happened in Flathead County?

"Yesterday local residents blasted Lincolnshire Police’s decision to spend resources – estimated to be around £600 – on snaring the bird – branding it a 'huge over reaction.'"

Just put it on its bill.

Wait! You mean "The Ugly Duckling" DOESN'T have a happy ending?

Two swans were arrested for necking?

Personally, I would use a bazooka on a mad swan.

They are most unpleasant.

Anyone who had ever dealt with an errant swan or goose probably has the bruises to prove it.
But a bruise is rarely fatal. Show that bird who the flock is in charge.

I've met swans as big as I am that probably weighed close to 100lbs. They can break your arm with a punch from their wing, and have been known to drown boaters. On a sidewalk, they wouldn't be as dangerous but they are definitely not ducks. It should have been 'animal control,' not cops. How'd you like to be a tough cop with a broken arm from a swan?

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