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April 27, 2013


A man who tried to shoot a squirrel for dinner by taping a .40-caliber cartridge to a BB gun was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds after the cartridge exploded

(Thanks to Ron G., Robert Mathis, R & L Stevenson and Jeff Meyerson)


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Can we assume the incident was preceded by "Here, hold my beer"?

Another candidate for a Darwin award.

Stupid really knows no bounds.

All he wanted was a romantic dinner with his lucky GF.

Contrary to folk knoeledge, one CAN fix "Stoopid" ... the cure/repair is, however, usually terminal fer said owner of stupeness ...

the blog today sounds like an ending for The 12 days of Christmas -

♫ ... Five Pregnant Mares!!!
Creepy glowing sheep
SWAN on the street
Squirrel-shooter shot
By a cartridge on a BBeeee


"Would-be squirrel-killer injured after taping cartridge to BB gun."

In a related story, researchers have discovered the sound a squirrel makes when LOL.

I know your opinion about squirels, but I hope it was not you, Dave.

Good one ligirl! Blackberry13 our Dave would never hurt a cute, innocent squirrel. At the very least he would never admit to it.

No doubt only the most recent attempt to get a little tail that has blown up on him.

Loudmouth said "blown"

A 40 cal round? Heck, if it had worked there wouldn't have been anything left of the squirrel but his nuts and tail.

Snork! Loudmouth said "get a little tail".
I hope all of you realize you have corrupted me. I was at the store the other day and started laughing at the name of some cleaner I saw on a shelf. After I put my glasses on I realized it said "cook top cleaner" and not what I originally thought. Bad blog! Bad!

Hey, when Wayne LaPierre gets a hankerin' for squirrel fritters, he goes a little loco, ok?

Come on, you people all know it was squirrel sabotage.

He should have used high explosives. Anything can be fixed by a judicious use of high explosives.

Shoddy journalism. No mention of the outcome for the squirrel. Did he recover from the fit of laughter?

nc, corruption is in the eye of the beholder. Beholder? I hardly knew her.

The Squirrel Hunter.

Coming soon to an Emergency Room near you.

P.S. nursecindy thought "cock top cleaner".

Got nuttin' but a big *snork* for everybody.

No doubt this man is related to Wile E. Coyote — super genius?

Big snork for pad.

Almost a finalist for the Darwin Award...

My friend set a cartridge on a fence post and backed off and shot it with a BB gun. He hit the cartridge directly, it fired its contents, and the recoil sent it right back into his Adam's apple. He was really unhappy about it for a few days. We think he was cursing but it all sounded like "sss,sss."

Actually, I did this once with a twelve gauge shot gun shell. It went off as expected making a big boom and showering bird shot down on us. I held the BB gun up high, so if the shell exploded, it would not hit us. It was fun. I was 15.

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