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April 22, 2013


Video shows UC Santa Cruz police confiscating 2-pound joint from 4/20 party

(Thanks to funny man, who says "We're gonna need more pizza.")


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Was Ricky Williams on the premises?

Long ago preserved roaches collected from Woodstock were used by the perpetrators to make the 2 LB'er.

Wow, I thought UCSC -- go, Slugs! -- was more laid back than that.

that looks a lot like Walter...

What were they gonna spark it with, an acetylene torch?

I saw Two Pound Joint open for Bob Marley.

You sure that isn't an Olympic Torch?

Is that like the 6' sandwich from Subway or do they pass it around like communion?

...because it violated the weight limit set for carrying pot, which is one ounce.

Moral: Never share a two-pound joint in a group of fewer than 32. And everybody hold on tight.

add me too. i sent it in. musta crossed in the mail, dudes and dudettes.

It's been done by Cheech & Chong.

It was released after...oh, sorry; wrong cliché.

Public buildings are not places to smoke. Only if there are specific areas that this practice can be tolerated.

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