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April 28, 2013


Police called after woman sees kittens having sex in her yard

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Flathead Countyitis is spreading.

Isn't that exactly what 911 was meant for, that and getting rides to the emergency room and help in getting money bad from drug dealers?

Hmm... Was there a FurryCon taking place in Wisconsin at the time?

FYI, the term "Rapids" refers to the river in that town, NOT the inhabitants.

"...I know Flathead County, and YOU, Wisconsin Rapids, are no Flathead County!"

It's important to always report kitty porn when you see it.

Back in the old days they just lost their mittens. Now they're having sex in public. What is the world coming to? It's just shameful.

Kittens having sex? Litter-ally?

She wuz prolly upset becuz one of 'em got a little pussy ...

Tigger Does Milwaukee.

If this gets any worse, some will consider the womb an "orgy room".

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