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April 27, 2013


'Mystery' horse impregnates five mares on Bourbon farm

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I wonder if the soil conditions around here are good for growing bourbon.

that's one f***ing horse!

Wilt Chamberlain has been reincarnated.


DNA testing? Of course!

"Lassie, take this specimen to the lab. We'll find out who upset those laying hens last night."

Well, before we go jumping to conclusions about what kind of critter it is, let's see what comes out. Might be some kind of UFO hybrid.

"Mystery Man"? More like "Pony Express".

First off, I may be ignorant here, but stallions seem pretty obvious, particularly when "courting". Second, she now has healthy colts to sell and maybe race. Why is she so angry?

I went to High School with a feller like that.


Elon, she doesn't even know if the stud is a Thoroughbred at all, or if he was ever registered as such. Without the right papers, she can't race those foals in the money races, assuming they turn out to be race-quality, and they won't have much value in the sale arena, either.

She's already had to euthanize one mare carrying a dead foal. And she's got two years of feed and bills until they're old enough to race, even if Mystery Man turns out to be a registered Thoroughbred.


Mr. Ed?

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