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April 25, 2013


12:41 p.m. Someone in a silver Prius was seen making bad decisions on Highway 35.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The first bad decision was buying the Prius... As South Park observed, it increases the local smug levels greatly.

The second bad decision was not purchasing the emergency helicopter dump bucket to be used in case of battery fire.

Everytime I see a prius I want to run it off of the road.

If making bad decisions is a crime, then I guess you can lock me up now.

"8:42 p.m. A woman on Lost Creek Drive reported that her neighbor threw her dog in a puddle. He claimed it was on his property. "

The dog or the puddle?

Or is it just another obscure euphemism?

"Waal, I tol' him I was a-leavin' and goin' back to Miami, and he just plain threw his dog in a puddle, if you know what I mean."

Floridian? Nah, just Al Gore III, the first man to break the "100 mph in a Prius" barrier, seeing how much more trouble he can get himself into...

Huh. How many members of Congress fit in a Prius anyway?

The first bad decision was buying the Prius... As South Park observed, it increases the local smug levels greatly.
You should see the looks I get when some little snot in a Prius pulls up next to my very large Mercury.


All of them--if you use a pile driver.

Bad decision #1 is going to Flathead in the first place.

I wonder if you could see any of the loose dogs or "bad decision" Flatheadists using Google Earth ?

LeDud, I'm sure you can see dogs there on Google Earth. It seems like the dogs outnumber the humans in Flathead County. Either that or people are just really intolerant of dogs.

...large Great Dane...
Is there any other kind of Great Dane?

The driver was wearing a paisley shirt. That's a bad decision.

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