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April 26, 2013


A diamond worth $5,000 was accidentally swallowed by an 80-year-old woman in Tampa, Fla., while she attended the Tampa Woman’s Club’s  65th annual Fashionllia event.

Key Fact: ...coincidentally, she had a routine colonoscopy scheduled for the next day.

(Thanks to The Perts and jon harris)


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She needed nursecindy, who taught her daughters from an early age how to tell the difference between cubic zirconia and real diamonds.

Colonoscopies: is there anything they can't do?

This is true Jeff. I would show my daughters a piece of fake jewelry and tell them "This is nasty. No! No!" As a result they will now only accept the real thing. Just like their mom. Sniff, I'm so proud.

" Alan Quartermain and King Soloman's Colon " opening soon at a theater near you.

Well, if she were scheduled for a colonoscopy the next day, that evening's prep would have sent said diamond sailing through.

There is a Colon Michigan.

Grandma really got stoned.

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