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April 23, 2013


Land of Excitement

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Putrella is a self serving descritive, flowery word that rolls off the tongue. Similiar to the effect of saying Canaduh.

I saw Stinky Corpse Flower open for Iron Maiden in '88.

I have been in a football locker room during two-a-day practices in August.

When socks and jocks have not been washed for weeks.

I ain't skeered of no smelly plant.

i always thought What's that Smell would be a good name for a band...........or a book....

'Round these parts, we just play "What did Stewie roll in this time?"

Meah, it's actually a fairly common plant in botanical gardens. Swine consumed your sibling, you can even buy the tubers and grow your very own for the next time you need to mask that nasty locker room smell.

I always liked the botanical name "amorphophallus titanum", snicker.

HAMS, you need to try a bag full of sweaty hockey equipment if you want some real fragrance.

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