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April 30, 2013



I don’t know if this meets your standard, but this leapt out at me and I decided you are the best person to go to.

I wonder what advertising executive at McDonalds came up with the idea to market a meal called the “McCrap” (phonetic)?

John M. Cates

Just to Clarify: This blog has no standards.


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Just to clarify further, we of the blog do not come here for so called "standards."

We go to standards places for "standards" and know that this is not now, nor ever has been, a standard, "standards" place.

I thought McCrap was another name for the McRib?

Isn't that what they've been selling all these years?
Except for the Egg McMuffin, which should be called the "Old Tire Sandwich".

That's cute.

Three reasons for the rebound in Mac's world sales.

Company officials chalked it up to increased TV advertising, new dessert items and Colorado legalizing weed. In addition, McDonald's now offers an Obama Special, you order whatever you want and the three people in line behind you pay for it. The McCrap recieved honorable mention as well as it's share of noogies.

Truth in advertising?

Standards? Standards??? We don't need no stinkin' Standards!!!

"Standards", no. "Standard"... Well, I'm sure we have one laying around here somewhere...

I see nothing funny about this a'tall, a'tall!

Who among us hasn't gone home and told their spouse "Honey, I feel like McWrap today"?

*Snork* PB.

To clarify:

This blog should never, ever link to Ronald McDonald's McWrap.

Our standards here are a well-kept secret; but rest assured, John: you meet them.

Standards? I thought we had irregulars. McDouble McWrap.

John M. Cates, your application is exemplary. Welcome to the fold.

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