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April 11, 2013


Would you pay $1,500 to be abducted in broad daylight and tortured?

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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When Karl was "kidnapped" he wasn't very impressed. One or two naughty words.


$15 is abducted from me every time I cross the Verrazano Bridge...been over it hundreds of times.... traffic is torture...


i guess my answer




No, but apparently, 22 years ago, I paid the Justice of the Peace $100 to be kidnapped and tortured in the name of marriage until death do I part.

I don't get this. Can't you get this service for free just by walking down the streets of Detroit?

My thoughts exactly, Jeff. Another option is to walk through Walmart and then tell a scooter person to get out of your way or else. Nah, too dangerous.

ligirl--you notice it's free to get off Staten Island, but costs a pile to get on--must be one special place.

Uh not. For excitement I would walk around the Texas border with Mexico around midnight.

No. Waiting for a Groupon offer.

I'd spend a week setting it up, then have them jump on me and start dragging me away just as my friends arrived to 'rescue me.' I'd pretend to be unconscious while my friends drove them out to a remote location and began digging a grave in the hog pen while waving pistols and telling them that if I didn't wake up soon, they were dead.
Then I'd hand them a bill for $1500.


By the way, ever try to find a manager at Walmart?

I have tried, believe me I have tried. Wanted to find out why Walmart ten miles away always carries the product I love, the Walmart less than two miles from me doesn't.

I was told "the night crew does whatever they want".
Proof that Walmart and the government have mucj in common, right?

I saw this in the local news, but it didn't seem odd enough for Detroit to bother sending in.

Happens every Monday thru Friday, 9 hours a day.

They do this in Texas and somebody will whip one out and shoot them.

If I want to be held against my will and tortured, I'll just wait around for another Presidential election.

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