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April 28, 2013


Attendees at a summer music festival will have their beers dropped from unmanned planes.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As God is my witness, I thought beers could fly...

Lite beers, presumably

What could possibly go wrong, eh Mr. Nessman?

And a special blog Happy Birthday to nursecindy today.

If they'd had this in the '40's, WWII might have ended a lot sooner.

well, since montana mike already said what i would have.... happy burfday cindy.

Too bad canned beer tastes terrible.

Cindy...or possibly 'happy burpday', depending on how close the BrewDrones get...

Thanks everyone! I've been going out to birthday dinners for the past three nights. Today I'm taking a day off although I did have a wonderful steak last night and yes, alcohol was involved. Although, thank God,it didn't drop out of the sky.

Congrats, Cindy. You can never have too many birthdays or too many dinners with them.

Elon, as a certain age, it's okay to HAVE birthdays as long as you don't COUNT them.

The air delivered beers would help with the latter.

The part about remote taco delivery for San Francisco was proven to be an internet hoax the next day.

But no sense in me droning on about it...

Drone Drops Drunks Drinks. Bombed Boers Bombed By Beers.

I'm glad Cindy had a happy 21st birthday, even if alcohol wasn't delivered by BeerDrone.

Happy Birthday, nursecindy. Remember, when counting birthdays, "fuzzy math" is allowed and expected with the following exception: one must always stay a couple of years, at least, older than one's children.

Better idea from S. Africa than the goat head penis enlarger. (i.e. the flying beer, not Cindy's birthday)

Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Now get off my lawn you young whippersnappers!

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