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March 28, 2013


Elin Nordegren’s Boyfriend Parks Larger Yacht Right Next to Tiger Woods’ at Jupiter Island

(Thanks to Bill Jones)


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I'm hoping that in this case it really is a euphemism.

I'll bet Tiger's driver is bigger.

I didn't think yacht size (yawn) would be such an issue.

Let's ask Time magazine to investigate.

Putt your little boat outa here.

Lindsey Vonn reported the other guy is just a little dingy.

It's probably just coincidence -- the picture seems to show those are the only slips there that can accommodate boats that size.

We need more details -- is the length given LOA or LWL? What is the gross tonnage? Cruising speed and range? Maximum speed? Etc.

More information about the boats would be nice too.

Tiger better be careful. He may have been able to drive his Mercedes with a golf club through the windshield, trying to do it with a ski pole up your ass is probably more difficult.

Ah, but Tiger's has seen more ports.

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