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March 29, 2013


We've come a long way.

Warning: NSFW. Also disturbing.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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It's called "tele-dildonics," and it's creepy. DO NOT WANT.

You think it's creepy now? Soon the "lightly used" and "refurbished" ones will be available on Craigslist and eBay.

I don't think so. I know I'd be the guy visiting nursecindy in the ER saying, "Just get it off me!"

It looks interesting and I can't wait for the "Perfect for Christmas!" gift ads.
However, the phrase "male penis" caught me off guard.

This guy went to 4 years of Journalism College (or whatever they do) just so some day he could write this sentence: "Today, I'm road testing a masturbation device."

Hope he has his student loans paid off already.

For enhanced realism, try the "Not tonight, I have a headache" setting.

"...open source content.."--heh!

The photo at the bottom looks disturbingly Fandango-like. And the song made me laugh a couple of times... Don't play it at work. *S*

Jeff, I would be the nurse rolling on the floor laughing.

Howard Wolowitz, of The Big Bang Theory, before he met Bernadette, was involved with a robot hand that was attached to a computer. He ended up in the emergency room.

I have a pasta roller that can do the same thing.

The professional way to remove something like this is to walk into the room and then introduce yourself while holding a very large pair of bolt cutters. Then after the patient has fainted, and everything has shrunk up to his throat area, it will fall off by itself. Only a professional should attempt this btw.

Good to know. Remind me never to come to an ER when you are around.


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