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March 28, 2013


A southwest Missouri high school says four girls' basketball players from a rival school poured urine into the opposing team's water cooler during a February game.

(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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This lemon-lime Gatorade tastes better than uausl.

Monett's principal encouraged parents not to retaliate.

This is how wars start.

And smoking feces bombs left on porches.

Bring in your own drinks... Or at least your containers

See? Before Title IX, only the guys could do stuff like this.

When they sue (and I bet they will), their victory song has to be "Urine the Money".

The coach's next lecture: "There's no 'P' in 'TEAM.'"

In Thailand that would cost you 50 bucks. Meanie told me.

A friend of mine in high school managed to give an enemy a quart of beer through a third party one night.
Your imagination is almost certainly correct.

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