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March 27, 2013


An Indiana County man is facing several charges, after wildlife officials say he went deer hunting in a Walmart parking lot. 


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He didn't have a hunting license after all.

One stop shopping

Lots of wildlife in the Walmart parking lot, but I'm not sure about deer.

he wanted to put it on layaway

Now I have a solid reason for not going to Walmart: threat of being shot. I usually don't go because its so depressing.

This is why I only go to eastern Pennsylvania.

I have family in Indiana, PA. For some reason, I am not surprised.

Given the name, no prob. That's how the drug gangs do it back in Mexico.

At first, I thought this must have been in Flathead County. But then I realized it probably isn't illegal in Flathead County.

Well if you can't hunt in a Walmart parking lot then just exactly where are you supposed to hunt?

Next on American Hunter: Seagull hunting at the landfill.

You know you are a redneck when this happens.

Had he been hunting those annoying people on the scooters I'd be there cheering him on.

Is this like those bars that sell cigarettes but you can't smoke there? They sell guns at WalMart, so......

I used to work for a guy whose wife was an extremely professional and assertive journalist from South America. They lived in a highly suburban suburb, literally just outside the city limits. As in: one block east, and you were in town.

One day, two of our enthusiastic local sportsmen, armed to the teeth, chased a deer through her neighborhood and in fact, through her back yard. She was outraged and called the Police. They told her she was outside the city and she needed to call the Sheriff. When the Deputies showed up, they rolled their eyes, told her nothing illegal had happened, and said "You city people who move out here in the country need to calm down." or words to that effect.

The cops got to brush up on their Spanish vocabulary, that day.

Hey it was a 10 point!

come on now

In WV any native would have known to just ram it with the pickup truck. There is the added benefit that road kill is already tenderized. "It jumped in front of my truck" is easier to explain away than "it jumped in front of my bullets".


If I saw a 10-point buck I would be tempted to shoot at him INSIDE the Walmart.

So would half the shoppers in the Walmart. Just imagine...

If this had happened in Florida, or Flathead County, it probably wouldn't have even been noticed.

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