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March 08, 2013


Homeless woman used baseball bat to behead church statue, Lady Lake police say

(Thanks to Loudmouth and Jeff Meyerson, who says this is too easy for Guess the State)


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Well, what should she have used?

Somebody's going to Hell.

She's not homeless now.

Anyway, let him who has never beheaded a church statue with a baseball bat (or a hockey stick or like instrument) cast the first stone. Hey, not at me!

It would have been more interesting had she used a Nerf Bat.

"Area woman collapses and dies from fatigue suffered during 103-hour administering of Nerf Bat beating to prominent local statue..."

It is doubtful that punishment will resolve her issues with religious statuary.
My neighbor beheaded his wife's statue of St. Joseph while mowing in heavy grass. Reminded me of Odd Job.
Three times he did that. Until finally glue couldn't help Joe get his sh...uh, act together anymore.
I told him he should have gone for John the Baptist but he said that one just kept falling in the fish pond.

an aluminum baseball bat? i remember when people used to fight the devil with wooden bats, she was probably using performance enhancing drugs too

I keep a wood baseball bat under the back seat of the truck for such occasions -- or fielding practice for the 13U baseball team. I can't hit anything with the composite bat my son uses because at $300 I don't want to dent it.

When I was a lad, my father brought a nice plastic statue of St. Francis back from the mastodon hunt dump. We put it down in the field and slowly shot it to pieces, over the years. Made a nice loud "plink" when you hit it.

How could anyone possibly do anything bad in a place called Lady Lake? Sounds divine.

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