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March 28, 2013


Boulder couple involved in topless-gardening fight investigated over threat to president


(Thanks to Loudmouth and Matt Filar)


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Robert Pierce told officers that he is the illegitimate son of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and, according to the police report, he had documents in the car that appeared to support that claim.

okey dokey

*backs slowly away*

Crazy? Not a chance.

Love how the article doesn't even TRY to explain the duct tape.

I think their lawyers insisted on the tape.

What kind of documents prove you're the illegitimate son of Eisenhower? Did it say: To whom it may concern: This nut job is, unfortuntately, my illegitimate son. Sincerly, Dwight D. Eisenhower. p.s. Please keep duct tape over his mouth. You won't regret it.

Saw Topless Gardening open for Puddle of Mud.

Maybe this police officer should also be assigned to clear up the Obama birth certificate issue. BTW, I believe Ike's legitimate son, John, is still alive, and may be able to help resolve this question.

If they do run low on duct tape, let me know and I'll run some over.

Is this a new record? Two weirdos. Two States. And none of them is named Florida.

If PBS loses its funding and has to resort to ...Gasp...commercials (which they actually do now), TOPLESS VICTORY GARDEN will be a big hit. An ad might be: "Todays episode is about melons...."

Good one Dud. She could use duct tape for pasties to avoid the censors.

Duct tape to the rescue.

" What kind of documents prove you're the illegitimate son of Eisenhower? "

Signed pair of Edith Piaf's underpants with the inscription: " Thanks for the great weekend, Ike. Hope D-Day goes well. Love, Edith "

Is there anything duct tape can't repair...or cover up?

I'll have to mock ask my Boulder friends about this.

If I had documents that proved I was the illegitimate son of Eisenhower, I would totally carry them around in my car with dope and guns. Just sayin.

Eisenhower had six brothers. It's not unlikely that this guy is related to Ike's family by a one-night stand. Easy enough to do a DNA test and prove he's just psycho.

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