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March 01, 2013


Thousands of litres of whisky have been flushed down the drain by accident at a bottling plant in Dumbarton.

(Thanks to Barbara A.)


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An event like that could really mess up the coffee at an AA meeting.

Fortunately I only drink water at the meetings... Uh-oh.

O the U(manity)!

... um ... nevermind ...

At least it din't happen & Bushmill's ... and ... is thus whut's meant when they speak of "blended" Scots whiskey ... ?

(Also: WTD is with the Brits? Now they've started usin' the "American" spelling fer the product ... must be gummint cutbacks to save ink & space durin' the economic downturn ... mebbe they'll quit usin' all them superfluous "u"-type letters?)

Everything you need to know about Scotch whisky.

Police believe alcohol was involved. "This incident involved alcohol," said Chief Constable Pan Am.

"trade effluent team" sounds like a fancy name for "plumber."

I'm more worried about this traitor to his heritage.


Oh wait, it was only English whiskey. Never mind. Best place for it, really.

*snork* @ pad.

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