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March 15, 2013


Sex in outer space could be bad for your health, say scientists

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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An average temperature of -450 F. would probably cause major shrinkage too.

My thought, cindy, not exactly conducive to stellar (HAR!) performance.

So vacuum pumps don't really work?

The "Do you think I'm fat" line won't work.
"Honey, everything is perky and you weigh nothing".
What will women complain about?

Men have going into space for decades. Do you really think not a single one ever enjoyed a "private moon shot" during their mission? Not a chance.

-450 degrees did not bother Capt. James T. Kirk at all. His photon torpedo never failed.

Caught with pants down ... er, up, ... that is, um, sideways, sort of ...

experiments on mating plants by scientists at Montreal University

...revealed that Canadian boffins have the world's lowest threshhold for erotica

so no Zero-G spot?

in space no one will hear you scream...

Only if your wife catches you.

Not to mention that there is NO Atmosphere so no one can hear you say,
"Who's your daddy!"

So much for the final frontier.

Ground control to Major Tom --
Take your protein pills and put your "helmet" on.

Will "Light year high club" start showing up on rich people's bucket lists?

Prepare for re-entry!

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