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March 30, 2013


Authorities in Florida said a man accused of crashing his car through a construction barricade told deputies he was rushing to get to a haircut appointment.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Hey, it's not all bad...the jail offers free buzz cuts...

Ladies, we understand this don't we?

If you have a standing appointment, you get there, No matter what! Even if you are giving birth and the child is poking his head out, you get to your hair appointment!

The world would be a far better place if you people would just get outta my durn way!

And get outta my yard!

And get offa my roadways.

A former senator from North Carolina?

The Sound and the Fury?

That growing hair pain can be excruciating.

It may be time to think about giving up your license. And, fortunately, Florida may just help in that decision.
Unfortunately, that does not seem to stop many people in Florida from driving.

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