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March 31, 2013


CSI: Te Puke and the kiwifruit virus Psa

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)

We saw Te Puke and the kiwifruit virus Psa open for Tommy James and the Shondells.


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Many wishful thinking Te Pukes lay claim to being a former Shondell.

"...the pollen-bearing part of a flower's stamen"
If my botany is correct (a huge "if"), this sounds like either a sexual crime or the world's most boring porn flick.

Oh, for Christ's sake ... can any of you half-wit bureaucrats say "Phylloxera?"

The anther, my friends, is blowing in the wind....

We have an abundance of bad PSA's here. I think we need to curtail, if not stop, this practice.

Like the one where animals ring a doorbell, and
drive a van, apparently "kidnapping" a family, then
dropping them off at the forest. Watch this a few times and your IQ will shrink.

As a resident of New Zealand, let me say that I am unable to understand why Mr Language Person cannot scrute this headline. Also, for further information on Te Puke, be sure to watch the only good movie ever made in New Zealand: "The Devil Dared Me to". Key quote: "Te Puke is money, it's glamour, it's excitement. Timaru is a shithole." You'd have to live here to understand the irony. Although Timaru is also a shithole.

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