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March 24, 2013


...or does this AutoTrader commercial look like cars coming at you down a giant colon?

Auto Trader



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SOMEbody has colons on the brain. So to speak.

Ricardo Montalbon had a similiar 70's commercial depicting the Chrysler Colon as have rich Corinthian leather seats. May that was a Chrysler Cordoba?

Gosh, Dave, did you think cars just grew on trees?

I think that's what causes hemorrhoids; especially the semi-trailer trucks.

Another sh!*#y commute

HogsHate: (Well, it's the way I read his name. Deal with it!)

If it was a semi-trailer, wouldn't this photo be of a semicolon? ;)

I think y'all are more familiar with the appearance of a colon than I would ever hope to be.


Here's the deal (as Ross Perot used to say):

The target demographic is not old enough to have had a colonoscopy. Whereas you and I...

I beg to differ with your "target demographic", Mr Bill. If our generation isn't useful as targets, what good are we???

(P.S. Isn't that a DeLorean "Polyp 2000" in the lead there?)

I saw The Giant Colons open for Meat Loaf in '98.

The question is, is the Blog in the market for a car? If so, consider this one. Ideal for Miami driving.

Why not?
I had a Dodge Aries once that I'm pretty sure someone excreted.

The question is not "isn't this a colon" but
WHO or WHAT's giant colon. The GPS on these cars
is only saying "recalculating" or "reconfiguring".

Someone took a wrong turn at the Slausen Cutoff.

I've seen a colon for two during my time as a nurse. Yep, that's a colon.

Maybe the commercial is a lead in for the Colon Health Awareness 400 coming up on the NASCAR circuit.

Civilization can be measured in the progression from the stolen car to the colon car.

Lucky us.

Lemme guess...this is a clip from ...either Quentin Taratino's or J.J. Abram's remake of ...(choose one)

a. shi**y shi**ty bang bang
b. Fantastic Voyage
c. The fast and furious
d. Daytona 500
e. all of the above

This suggests an exciting new video game: Turbo Colonoscopy.

Fast and nauseous.

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