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March 12, 2013


Singles in Agriculture convention headed for Cedar Rapids

(Thanks to Allen at Division)

Feel free to suggest Singles-in-Agriculture pickup lines in the comments. For example: "Is that a silo in your front 40? Or are you just happy to see me?"


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Want to come to my crib and shuck my corn?

Where ARE the women?

Thresher? I never even touched her!

Wanna go get something to eat? The trough is still full....

They're putting temporary booths in the McDonald's out on Route 27, I hear ya can't even get a reservation before 7:00.

Wanna come to the corral and see my lariat?

Hey, Sexy ... wanna drive my "tractor"?

I love ewe.


Just wait til the first guy gets his "John Deere" letter.

Manure spreader?

Well I did too.


gimme a chance and i'll grow on you

Hey babe, wanna let me fertilize your fields?

I want to report a stalker.

For a long time, national ag fraternities for guys have held social events, but some like Alpha Grabba Hoe are real animal houses.

I hope the dancing shows up on YouTube

Ya wanna see my combine?

"You're a lot prettier than Sally, my last girlfriend. ... Naw, she was a pig."

One time, a young man was in a freeway rest stop restaurant, and he found a cassette tape someone had left behind. It turned out to be "The Mean Farmer" by Otis XII. I'm sure that somewhere in the canon of his works, Mr. XII addresses the topic of agricultural pick up lines. Somewhere. Just remember this: "It's hasenpfeffer!"

Ralph - lettuce not fergit those orgiastic parties at Alpha Gonorrhea frat houses ...

I will be intrigued as well as interested in what you're writing about here.

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