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March 28, 2013


A woman has the world's oldest hot cross bun - baked on Good Friday in 1821 and passed down through five generations.

(Thanks top Jeff Meyerson)


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Let's give Titman a little hand. And don't break her hip in the process.

I'm surprised that our strict policy didn't prohibit posting this story.

Great. Now I have that stupid "Hot Cross Buns" song stuck in my head.

Typical British cuisine.

cindy, my Jewish ex-MIL would make it a point to buy them for me every year at Easter, y'know to be nice. It was very much appreciated but every year when she gave them to me she'd SING THAT DAMN SONG! It would take days to get the earworm out.

OK, she's 192 years old. But what's that thing she's holding?

As tasty as the day it was made.

Fruitcake version 1.0.

Q. What do you call an angry rabbit with a fever?
A. A hot cross bunny.

If I recall correctly, the second verse was Egg foo yong.

whatever you do, keep it away from Christie.

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