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March 22, 2013


Bill would allow Montana residents to eat roadkill

(Thanks to The Perts)


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You just know Flathead County was behind this.

Ummm, good eats.

Makes good sense to me. My recollection is that this was common in the rural part of NY where I grew up and if someone hit a deer, the meat was a consolation prize for a wrecked car. I don't know if I'd want to scrape a squirrel off the pavement and fry it up though.

Why would it be illegal to eat roadkill ? Maybe a union thing with the county street dept. ? Is there a law against eating animal feces ? Do we really need such laws ? (OK maybe Jeff is onto it...in Flathead Co. we do)

The old jokes about "grilled venison" are about to come true. Only now they'll be "double-grilled." Once by the grill on the front of the pickup truck, and again by the half-oil-barrel grill that you carry in the back. Run short on charcoal, you can use one a them railroad ties that fell off a semi up on 23. Those things burn for DAYS.

UT joke I read in the book Backyard Brawl: (I take no sides on this issue.) How many Aggies does it take to eat a skunk? Three; one to eat, and two to watch for traffic.

New traffic sign in Montana: "You kill it, you eat it."

I can hardly wait to see the new tourism brochures.

Ummm. Tender.

Statistically, eating roadkill in Flathead County would be most likely to be cannibalism. What's for dinner, honey? Vodka-brined hobo, darling.

Who is Bill and why would he have the authority to tell people from Montana what they can and can not eat?

Snork @ NC!

Sometimes, at some hospitals, the food tastes like
raodkill, or so I hear.

Other times they have excellent cuisine. Why the

Eating roadkill is not illegal; in many places it is illegal to pick it up without a permit. Otherwise, too many poachers would claim their venison is roadkill. The law is usually enforced sensibly; I've never heard of anyone prosecuted for collecting dead squirrels.

Piquant flavor with a hint of Michelin or is that Pirelli?

Poached deer passed off as roadkill?

Yes, Officer, he committed suicide. Ran right up to the car and asked if he could borrow my Mossberg. Tragic. Say, you like jerky?

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