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March 22, 2013


"Velociraptor" turkeys attack church-goers in Maryland

(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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I saw Velociraptor Turkeys open for the Byrds.

No doubt the squirrels are behind this...

Too distracted with sidebar regarding the guy who's hurting horses. I'm on-board if she needs help.

First, I'm not sure that was a turkey attacking the reporter.
Second, glad it turned out well at the end.
Third, to paraphrase Dave, just try yelling, "I'm NOT TRYING TO MATE WITH YOUR WOMAN!"

What, Maryland doesn't have a Stand-your-ground law? Or maybe it does, and the turkeys have read it.

The upcoming hunting season should remind the turkeys that we are predators and they are prey animals. I would expect their manners to improve considerably.

Governor NO'Money has declared that protection from marauding turkeys is not enough reason for a gun permit.

"...teacher Debra Wilcox, who had noticed a whole rafter of turkeys in the church yard."

Rafters usually have pigeons.

Per the headline, she probably meant "velocirafter."

Clearly, they need a gun for dinosaur.

May I suggest a fundraiser so we can "transfer" the turkeys to the Westboro Bapist Church in Topeka?
Seems somehow appropriate.

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