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March 22, 2013


A Taiwanese couple, a 55-year old man and 52-year old woman, have divorced after four years living in separate apartments following the woman’s wedding night discovery that her new husband’s member appeared to have a severe case of dwarfism.

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says, "Wait -- it DOES matter?")


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the water was cold!

What happened to 'try-before-you-buy?'

She should of tried that puppy out before hand. 5cm (har). No new miraculous operations out there to give the fella an extension? Then she waited 4 years to boot.

5cm Long opened for 10cc. Tiny Tim was originally scheduled to appear, but wan't up to it.

I get e-mails every day in my spam folder about how to extend my member. Interesting, as I am a girl of the female persuasion.

Another link (with helpful photo not pasted on the blog…)


But dwarfs can do lots of fun tricks, can't they? I mean, Peter Dinklage gets all kindsa action.

Ms. F. - are you sure they're not talking about extending your membership? AARP, AAA, PMI -- they're all over me about that stuff.

Ms. F.--Perhaps you live in a community property state? Then, his member would be your member...

I've seen some of those emails. Keep replying with "do you have any meds to make it smaller?" Nobody ever answers. Guess I was born to suffer.

How did he know he had ED?

Emmett, it's not hard.

I had ovarian cysts bigger than that.

Oh, Padraig.

Poor guy. It's bad enough being rejected because of it. But did they have to put it in the paper?

- 'dwarf'?

isn't the correct term 'little people peeeper'?

snorks all around. you do gotta feel bad for the little guy.

The spammer has been researching THIS topic "for a long time"?

Remember the old cold war joke about the Soviets trying to demoralize our troops by letting them confiscate a shipment of twelve-inch condoms? The CIA ponders that a couple of days, then air drops them back into East Berlin, stamped "Medium."

This has probably been told about every pair of antagonists in history, all the way back to the Israelites and the Philistines.

Maybe he should sue for divorce on the grounds that she knew the difference.

Dave, be sure to DEMAND a fee or commission of some kind when MTV turns this into their next "reality"
series, or from TMZ....

Talk about taking it in the shorts.

she left him due to his shortcomings

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