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March 13, 2013


The 24 Movie Won't Happen, Says Antoine Fuqua

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Not even "2"??? Say it ain't so. Do it for the unemployed wooden dialogue generators everywhere.

What the fuqua?

How will we ever live without new dose of Chloe,
who should have won awards from both the CPU and
the academy!!!

That was supposed o be "CTU" the "unit" Jack and Chloe worked for. BAd fingers, bad fingers!!!!

As long as they don't decide to do a Jersey Shore movie instead........

Oh, I think Jack Bauer cleaning up Jersey Shore would make a GREAT movie.

Yes, it appears that Edgar will remain dead.

I'm just....*weeps openly and pours a 40 of Steel Reserve out in honor of Jack Bauer's demise.*



Jack's Touchy-feely?
The 24 movie's toast?
It's a cluster-Fox.

Somebody needs shot in the thigh.

But they still have a guy stuck in the wall!


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