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March 23, 2013


The Internet—the global system of interconnected networks that’s become an increasingly central means of commerce and communication capable of bringing far-flung civilizations together—reached its apex this week, after a man claiming to be the fiancé of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic character Twilight Sparkle contacted a user of online community DeviantArt to demand he stop drawing sexual pictures of his imaginary pony-bride.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)

Somehow this story reminds us of this.


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I knew that much horsing around could get a guy in trouble!

Michael Jackson called and wants the franchise back.

Oh, and the first story: it's another case of the pen being mightier than the sword, or the brain.

All of a sudden the dude with 3000 Barbie dolls is starting to look relatively normal.

I'd be somewhat hesitant to marry someone who has been in so much pony porn but at least now we know the reason young women are having so much trouble finding men to marry them, real women cannot compete with Twilight Sparkle.

A horse of a different choler.

Very good, Ralph, very good indeed!

Hey, at least in the second story he actually married a living, breathing female (thus proving the old adage that there's someone for everyone).

Do I want to know what constitutes "Pony Porn"?
No, I do not.
OK, maybe, just a little. You know, for curiosity's sake.

I used to think "bronies" were an Internet joke, a running gag, juvenile trolls spamming any image forum they could find for the "lulz". But to my horror, I've learned they're all too real...

Apex? Don't they mean nadir?

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