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February 22, 2013


Genesis Death Sandwich

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Does this mean the Gabriel is now a horn player?

I was sure this would have something to do with the fad for "Ezekiel bread" made according to the ingredients list in Ezekiel 4:9. Sounds yummy until you hit verse 12, where he was commanded to bake it over a fire stoked with human dung. Context is everything.

"One Genesis Death Sandwich on whole wheat, and hold the mayo. "

Is it kosher?

The Heart Attack Cafe should have this on the menu.

This is obviously referring to any sandwich made with liverwurst.

Genesis died when Phil Collins quit the group. Everybody knows that!

Pretty sure my daughter and I were the recipients of a Genesis Death Sandwich at the new deli we popped into yesterday. Love to support new local eateries. Having said that,akkkkkkhhhhh.

2 pieces of blackest heart pumpernickel with a schmear between. And get that damn python off the table, you don't know where it's been.


Purists will tell you Genesis became "Phil Collins and the band formerly known as Genesis" when Peter Gabriel left.

Well, that's a Revelation.

And without Phil Collins it will be like a deli sandwich without the cheese????

Maybe you could drink some Collins....???

Thanks for the great article..

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