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February 28, 2013


A beaver invasion in West Sacramento, Calif., has put homeowners on alert as police estimate as many as 30 rodents have infiltrated a neighborhood.

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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They're opening a new "gentlemen's club" near here. Beaver Invasion would be an awesome name.

I thought beavers were usually the invadEEs. I guess the fur is on the other foot now, eh?

Occasionally, the beavers were the casus belli. Google "beaver wars" for the trouble the furry little rascals caused in the 17th century.

So Ward says, "now June...I don't give a dam about what Richard Deacon's wife thinks. It's those beads you are always wearing that makes me...well, call his pack of friends no gooders."

I've seen Beaver Invasion open for, well, just about anybody. Helluva show though.

They should go to North Dakota.

I did NOT see any beavers when I werked in that vicinity ... sorta a "day* early & dollar long" type of deal I guess ...
(JSG - we've more beavers here than we really need, but tnx fer bein' generous and thinkin' of our supply situation ...)
*actually about six years sine I wuz ridin' the rails in MidCal ...

Anyone need a new coat or scarf?

They need a Beaver Cleaver.

Ward, you've got to do something about the beavers.

Nice beaver!

Thanks! I just had it stuffed.

(Cue Primus music)

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