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February 24, 2013


US Gov't To Air-Drop Toxic Mice On Guam Snakes

(Thanks to DaninTustin, Steven Riggs, PirateBoy, Susan Heller, Jay Brandes, Alkali Bill, Ken Morgan, Bryan M. and Dan Barr, who says, "I saw Toxic Mice open for Whitesnake. Or maybe it was the other way around.")



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No, Toxic Mice opened for either Anthrax, or Deadmaus....

No, no, no... Toxic Mice opened for Guamsnakes, who are much better live than Whitesnake.

They want Brownsnake to open (wide) for Toxic Mice.

I hate mousework.

-Rock and Roll High School

...and seal team 6 gets all the glory when we have highly trained toxic-mouse droppers working to keep the DMZ (de-moused zone)safe for snake free landings and take-offs... "and believe me mister, if you've ever seen a brown snake hitchin' a ride on a chopper, then you know that these people, these fearless toxic-mouse droppers are true unsung heroes" - sgt. Catz, toxic-mouse dropper first class, ret.

All those tiny parachutes must have made a lovely picture...

As God as my witness, I thought toxic mice could fly...

Dum da da DUM dum, dum da da DUM dum ...

"We're gonna play music?"

"Yeah, scares hell outta the snakes!"

"...acetaminophen, which is harmless to humans."
Want to weigh in on this, Nurse Cindy?
Also, if this is an invasive species, why control and not eliminate?
I like snakes. I found one by the door of one of our homes the other day and talked to it for a minute before I realized how dumb it made me look.
Scared that snake half to death.

Hawaiian birds "literally don't know what to do when they see a snake coming." Ummm... fly away?

Steve ... what did you say to that poor snake?

Also, I suspect they meant that if a human eats an acetaminophen-laced dead mouse, the mouse part will be more harmful, at least to the human's sense of personal dignity, than the Tylenol part. Probably.

I saw Toxic Mice open for the Dead Pigs back in the day. Helluva show.

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