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February 27, 2013


Chicken causes power outage at airport

(Thanks to Steve Hammond)


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For those who like theirs extra crispy!

So which side of the galactic war would want a Transformer Chicken?

Is that what they call a battery hen?


Surveillance video showed that the chicken was apparently shoved into the transformer by a squirrel.

We call this the "Jihad Chicken." Think it'll catch on?

Didn't Transformer Chicken open for the Dixie Chicks?

already fried and ready to go. yum. yum.

When I was in Thailand, a chicken caused a fire fight to break out between the SPs and nobody else at Ubon AB. The chicken set off a perimeter flair.

Linky no worky.

Go here instead.

Why did the chicken cross the runway?

To further the goals of international socialism and the rights of oppressed poultry everywhere.

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