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February 18, 2013


A Korean Airways cargo flight made an emergency mayday landing at Heathrow airport when the fire alarm on board was triggered over the Irish sea.  Gas masks in place, the crew proceeded to investigate. Instead of a blaze, they found that the 390 sweaty cows in cargo had inadvertently set off the alarm.

(Thanks to Ralph)

Question: Do cows sweat?


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Eau de derriere dairy air?

I believe Thirty Sweaty Cows opened for Madonna.

Answer: Sweet summer sweat

jeff you herd right

Cuttin' cheese on the hoof.

Good question.

Do cows sweat? If they're flying on a Korean jet over the Irish Sea, yes. Wouldn't you?

" 390 sweaty cows " is a euphemism for Tourist Class.

true, clankie - who among us hasn't had to squeeze in next to a heifer?

I watched a "serious" news show last week where they had video of a race horse named "Hoof Arted".

Needless to say, it won, and the announcer seemed to have a great time calling out the homestretch.

But theses cows? They're just a gas!

Was Gary Larson on board? He would have been mooved by the experience.

We're gonna need more bitters.

There has to be a Chic-fil-a commercial in there somewhere.

Very polite cow flop sweat.

Forget the sweat. The methane alone will do it.

How do they know the kine INADVERTANTLY set off the fire alarm? Doesn't anyone read "The Far Side" anymore?

In it something is. I thank for the help in this question, now I will not commit such error.

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