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February 24, 2013


Gang member arrested with ONE HUNDRED bags of heroin 'concealed in his butt'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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with a good lawyer for the defense, the prosecution may have a hard time proving "intent to sell", the defense will simply need to establish a well documented psychological need by the defendant to hide things in his anal cavity, the fact that (in this case) it happened to be "illegal substances" may be considered incidental to the defendant's "pre-existing condition" ~ we rest our case * but agree to repair the unclear licence plates and obstructed view etc.

That's a lot of bags up his butt

Baby got back.

He's going to be very popular in prison. Lots of innuendos, IYNWIMAITTYD.

Wide Load Mule. He probably had to have skinny gang sign carriers in front and back.

@PB - As Adam Ant said...

Subtle innuendo follows
Must be something inside

Maybe he had a ragin' case of 'roids he had to calm down.
Oh, my mistake. The 'roids come AFTER he goes to prison.

But-- and this is a big butt-- don't judge. We all have talents. Some people can play the piano; some can hide a hundred bags of heroin in their butts.

I myself can do a great imitation of a cat throwing up. There's not much call for it, but I'm ready with my talent.

I heard they also discovered Montezuma's Treasure up there.


so taht is where jimmy hoffa's been hidin!

Loudmouth -- Nice idea. If we can't stamp out gang-related drug crime with enforcement, maybe we can just regulate it to death. Federal packaging standards, Surgeon General's warnings, monthly inspections to ensure scales are accurately calibrated. Merge the DEA with the FDA and the FASB. The drug lords will go into accountancy, just for a little excitement in their lives.


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