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February 27, 2013


Drunk college student who ran over police officer investigating another hit-and run told him he should be 'out catching real criminals'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "See if you can possibly guess the state.")


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It is all relative. Years ago I busted a guy with four ources of heroin, est. street value of about $40K, and he criticized me for not going after the real criminals. I told him that I'd provide the explanation in about seven years, when he was released.

Wow, I didn't realize that orange juice could result in a BAL over double the limit.

I'll have to switch to tomato juice.

What do you expect from a One Direction fan?

She was jsut drinking orange juice? Liar liar pants on fire, or as the late Dean Wormer would say, "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life."

On my way back from Dave's book signing in Atlanta I was pulled over by a South Carolina highway patrolman. He asked me and my 17 year old son a lot of stupid questions and even wanted to know if Dave's latest book was any good. He also wanted to know if I thought my car smelled like marijuana. As mad as I was I still had enough sense to be polite. I didn't get a ticket and he never really told me why he pulled me over. I also did not say "No officer I don't smell marijuana but I am getting a whiff of bacon." I'm kind of proud of that.

It's a good thing your car didn't smell like brownies

NC, any chance your "car" is a 1970 VW Minibus?

NC, I bet he thought you were cute.

BTW, I think you are a good Southerner. A Southerner will remain polite up until the point at which she is ready to kill you.

Bless his little heart.

What a lightweight! I would need a BAL at least 3x the legal limit in order to watch a One Direction video.

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