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February 20, 2013


Man returns to Hastings home at 1:30 a.m., finds it damaged, begins drinking then calls police four hours later

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Hastings ... Minnesnowta? Why would thus not surprise me?

Yeah, the pending eviction is probably unrelated.

I was thinking Nebraska, where this would be the most exciting thing that's happened since the corn was harvested.

CSI: Hastings will never crack this case of beer.

& the story takes a final cruel twist when the Landlord arrives to say: "sorry about the confusion, dropped the eviction notice at the wrong address..."

He got home at 1:30 but, "No footprints were visible in the snow outside the residence."?
Unless it snowed during the night, this is a real miracle.
Hmmm. If Jesus could walk on water, would he leave footprints in snow?
He's back! And he's pi$$ed at some guy in Hastings!

Obviously it was Harvey. Invisible 6-foot rabbits don't leave footprints. Case closed.

*Geezer alert as an afterthought...*

I was there this summer and there were no tracks in the snow at that time.

The bridge project was pretty cool.

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