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February 27, 2013


Florida man shot by his dog, police say

(Thanks to The Perts, coscolo, jon harris and Chuck Cody)


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Police believe kibble was involved.

I'm guessing that the question "Who's a good dog?!" will not be brought up anytime soon.

That'll teach him to hold back on the beggin' strips....

Payback for dressing the dog in a Jack Sparrow costume.

The revolution has begun.

forgot to mention, dog was also driving the truck and had just finished off the bottle of wild turkey, the dog has issues..

And he was probably naked.

Send him to Washington.

I swear I know nothing about this.

some commonly heard phrase now ending "then only dogs will have guns"

I shot out my own windshield once with an unloaded gun.
Haven't trusted them ever since.

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