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February 26, 2013


CCTV captures moment naked man gets locked outside his hotel room

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Not only locked out, but he just found out about that final in his first class and he realized that he hasn't studied at all!
And he can't find his car to get to school.

OMG,First off did he really have to walk out naked in the hallway at the hotel? Second did it really have to end up on you tube? Why do people do stuff like this?

I was going to send this yesterday but read a piece suggesting that the "filming" was a little too convenient and perhaps he wasn't "accidentally" locked out at all and it was an elaborate setup.

Anyway, a guy shows up at the front desk stark naked and tells you he's accidentally locked himself out of his room. You ask him for his driver's license?

Uh uh.

Didn't we see this in a big-budget Hollywood movie recently? It sounds like something Ben Stiller would do.

Unless he's gonna be dealing with 10" of snow tonight, like what we are, I don't give a damn whether he does or doesn't have his duds. #enough of winter.

Spiny, I don't know about it being in a movie, but it did happen in a Mr. Bean episode once :)

I read almost this exact story about 10 years ago. A Japanese businessman went to grab the morning newspaper left outside his hotel door, took a step too far, and *click*.

This story reminds me too much of that. Sorry, not buying it.

That could be Dave. Hard to tell without a blue shirt.

I'm with Steve. I have actually had this dream, cause I spend a lot of time dreaming about hotels (long story).

Bareass Dumbass. YourTube Is Showing.

Why? Why couldn't he have been a woman? Where is the U.N. on this?! Could Obama deploy naked women in hotel hallways with drones?

Oh, come on. Haven't we all done this once or twice?

A couple of years ago I was lying in bed in a hotel when I heard someone trying to get into my room. I looked out through the peephole (it was about 1AM) and there was a naked guy with a bucket of ice and a room key. I opened the door (as a card-carrying nudist I'm not shocked) and asked the guy WTFBBQ he was doing. He was BOMBED. Turns out there was no ice machine on his floor and his room was the one right above mine. He was smart enough to bring his key with him but not smart enough to remember which floor he was on. I had him wait in the hall while I went and got security. They just brought a sheet, wrapped it around the poor SOB and took him to his room.

Whether or not this particular incident is faked or not, it's not hard to imagine this happening with some frequency. Think about it: hotels, unfamiliar surroundings, card keys instead of real keys, doors that lock when they close, thousands of people passing through ... a large percentage will lock themselves out, and a subset of them will be naked. The variable is just what value you assign to the size of the subset. And of course, what state you're talking about.

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